Raspberry Ketones as a Weight Loss Supplement

Raspberry Ketones: How Do They Help In Losing Weight?

Raspberry ketones are naturally occurring phenolic compounds found in raspberries, kiwis, peaches, grapes and other berries. In essence, they are the chemicals that give these fruits their reddish color and fragrant aroma. Raspberry ketones are a popular ingredient in food colorings and flavorings as well as cosmetics, and have in recent years been hailed as a “miracle fat burner.”

Raspberry Ketones as a Weight Loss Supplement

[message type=”info”]85% of overweight people fail to follow a consistent exercise routine so additional supplements can come in handy to alleviate obesity.[/message] Raspberry ketones have are one of the most popular weight loss supplements, first appeared on the Dr. OZ Show in 2012.

How do raspberry ketones work for weight loss?

Raspberry ketones boost the production of adiponectin, a hormone that plays a significant role in metabolism regulation, and which shrinks fat cells and suppresses appetite. The human body naturally produces adiponectin, but stored fat reduces the ability of adiponectin to function. Raspberry ketones help the body produce more adiponectin as if the body had less stored fat.

How to use raspberry ketones?

Raspberry KetonesYou can take 100mg or 200mg of raspberry ketones with breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you find that 100mg is not effective enough, you have the freedom to experiment with more.  The best results can be achieved with the combination of these three practices: 1) eating well-balanced meals, 2)physical activity, and 3) daily raspberry ketones intake.

Since raspberry ketones are an all-natural ingredient, there are minimal side effects.  Some people see great results within the first five days of raspberry ketones intake, while others report having achieved visible results within two or three weeks. [message type=”info”]It’s important to note, however, that there isn’t any substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise.[/message]

What are the side effects of raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketones dietary supplement is an all-natural pill derived from raspberries, and side effects are more or less nonexistent. One dose is equivalent to eating roughly 90 raspberries. Some users have reported mild side effects from large doses such as:

  • Jitters
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat

User Reviews

[message type=”success”]Raspberry ketones have been effective for the majority of users. Most users praise the ketones’ ability to reduce belly fat. [/message]One woman said, “I have definitely seen a huge difference in taking these. It’s helped eliminate fat and especially my stubborn belly fat. I take 250 mg before working out, and 250 mg mid-afternoon.”

Others had the following to say, “After the first day or two I wasn’t that impressed because I didn’t feel any different. But after that second day, I began to notice that I was not snacking as much as before. Plus, I wasn’t getting the usual energy crash between 2:00 and 3:00 like I usually do. It’s really been working for me. I have lost 5 lbs in just two weeks with no major changes to my diet either.”

“…about day four or five I began to notice I had some more energy and less of an appetite. Just started my second bottle. Have been taking this for a month now and have lost a total of 8 pounds.”

Overall, raspberry ketones are a simple, straightforward, and natural supplement that many users have seen positive effects from.